The Wonder of Ivy Podcast: Episode 26- Answering Your Calling ft Stephanie Reigle

Happy 2018! I’m jumping right into 2018 bringing you an amazing episode this week featuring Stephanie Reigle of Soul Art by Stephanie Reigle! Before our interview, I fill you in on how I spent my New Years. I also discuss what my 2018 goals are, and I do the “Ditch And Replace Tag” inspired by the Friend Zone Podcast.

Then Stephanie and I talk about her start with her company, answering to her calling, leaning on her spiritual guides, and way, way more. We laugh, we get emotional, and her adorable son Stones always makes a special appearance!

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Show Notes:

My Planner Which I found at TJ Maxx:

They have a bunch online and in store:

The Friend Zone Podcast:

Stephanie Reigle:

See her on the Who to Watch in 2018 list:

Her Facebook page for Soul Art:

Her Etsy Shop:

Barb Ruhl:

Follow me:
Twitter: thewonderofivy


Recorded by Lisa De La Cruz, using Snowball iCE Microphone.
Edited using Audacity,
Music: Carefree Kevin MacLeod (
Lazy Break SliceXbeats (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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