WCW – Amandla Stenberg

When starting my Woman Crush Wednesday segment, I wanted to make sure I highlighted women around me who I felt were amazing and inspirational. I always advocate to look for role models or inspiration in the people around you, as opposed to celebrity figures. I am not against celebrities, though. I do believe we have some amazing up and coming faces, along with well-known and respected women in the media. Women who are setting great examples through their work and advocacy for girls and women everywhere. Today I want to highlight someone I’m a huge fan of for all her work and advocacy: Amandla Stenberg.

Courtesy of Teen Vouge
I recently saw Everything, Everything and reignited my love Amandla Stenberg. Amandla acts, sings, writes, and is a prominent activist. Now, I’ve known of Amandla since the Hunger Games and appreciated watching her blossom in this industry. I remember watching her “controversial” YouTube video, “Don’t Cash Crap On My Cornrows” and being blown away and inspired by Amandla. Someone so young, yet so aware and outspoken. It seems like in the “industry” you speak out about cultural appreciation, #blacklivesmatter, or feminism and they want to shut you down. Yet, Amandla keeps advocating and her career just keeps rising. In an era where everyone is hiding behind filters, Amandla is very unapologetic of who she is and that is so refreshing. Every interview of hers she comes across as genuine and down to Earth. Someone who is confident but also deals with her own insecurities as well.

Courtesy of Dazed Magazine

If you haven’t seen any of Amandla’s movies, I strongly advise you to as she is a great actress. But I urge you to watch her videos and read up on her interviews. On her website, you can also see a lot of her powerful writing. People talk a lot about the younger generations being many negative things, but I believe Amandla is an amazing example of how much our younger generation can change the world.






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