Poetry Tuesday: Memorial by Thomas Burke

Today’s poem is a submission from a wonderful friend of mine, Thomas Burke! He will be performing as well at the Open Mic Night, brought to you by The Wonder of Ivy in collaboration with Taliah Vibes and Scared of a Day Job!

The rain hit my face

And I was like a television

Tuned to a dead channel

As my senses became overloaded

And I fought off my worst feelings of inadequacy

I wanted to warmly welcome my saviors

Find my long lost brother

Listen to pop music

Cook a meal for people I cared about

Sleep in someone’s arms

Be free of my anxieties

Wish away your complexity.

Long conversations in the dark

Longer still, those heart to hearts.

Sounds of heavy breathing

As I collapsed in the corner

On furniture I’d carried to the room

With my bad shoulder

Feeling rejected, I

Laid on a couch that broke by heart hours earlier

The night air

Was cold as the heart

That drives my art

I cleaned up the empty bottles

Washed the dishes and dried them by hand

Folded sheets and blankets that I hadn’t slept on

I called up some people I truly loved

And hung up when they said hello

An evening of silence

A morning of apologies

My days fragmented

My life re-examined

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