Poetry Tuesday: Mourning

I’m tired of mourning friendships in which the people are still alivei’m tired of being the person that always cares more 

I’m tired of waiting for a message that I’ll never receive 

i’m tired of feeling guilty for cutting out the people who let me go
It’s easy to say “I’m better than this

I don’t deserve this.”
But it’s hard to live it
They say “the one who cares less has the most power”

But I was unaware a friendship was a war

In where one party held control

Deciding when they could let The other go
It’s hard when you care so much

And they care so little

But somehow they want you 

To meet them in the middle
People can treat you how the want

And that’s fine

But when you do them the same

You’re the bad guy
But that’s fine, I’ll be bad

Let you go and live in peace

And finally all of our demons

Will be released
You can tell whoever

What you want about me

And know that about you

My lips will never speak
So here I’ll lay this friendship to rest

And wish you all the best

And though you’re still alive

I’ll mourn our friendship

That didn’t survive

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