Weekend Getaway: Baecation In New York

A while back, my boyfriend and I decided to give less gifts, and take more trips. (You can read about it here.) With school, work, gym, and other obligations, it is hard for us to come across time to spend together unless we plan it. Of course, now that we live together it is easier to see each other and catch up, but since our schedules are so different, those moments are short and fleeting. The beginning of 2017 was a little more than hectic for us due to my surgery, a new school semester for the both of us, and regular life changes. However, we planned our first trip for 2017 to New York and it was a success.

Both Oscar and I are from New York. He lived there for a few years in his teens, while I was born and lived there until I was 10. To be honest, even though I’m from New York, I barely go. I moved so young so I don’t really have friends there. Plus, I was too young to really get acquainted when I lived there, so it is very foreign to me. Unless it is to visit family or go to the airport, you won’t catch me in New York. Don’t get me wrong- I think New York is amazing. The hustle and bustle of the city across all boroughs is awesome. It truly is the city that never sleeps. However, living in Pennsylvania for more than half of my life, I got used to a life I can’t live in New York. However, New York has a lot to offer, especially for a weekend, so it was a good getaway from regular Reading life.


Since we got together, we always wanted to visit The Modern Museum of Art. In the planning of this trip, we knew this would be our first stop. MoMA was amazing. Upon entering, there were so many people in line waiting to buy tickets the lobby was humming. There were so many people of different ethnicities, speaking in different languages or with accents. There were people alone, and in groups, and people of all ages. It was nice to see so much diversity wanting to all experience the same thing; art. The MoMA consists of 6 floors, with various exhibitions on each floor, except for the 6th floor which was just one big exhibit for artist Francis Picabia. I would recommend the MoMA to anyone, not just art buffs. (For the record, I am far from an art “buff.”) They have so many different pieces of art, across so many mediums, that it is not hard to find something for everyone. My favorite exhibitions were the Nan Goldin: The Ballad of Sex Dependency and Teiji Furuhashi: Lovers.


After walking through every exhibit, we left the MoMA and decided to walk around and find some lunch. It was raining so we bought a big umbrella from a street vendor, and walked the big blocks arm in arm. We ended up at some pizza place which was everything I wanted and more. Afterwards, we shopped a little in Times Square and went off to our next stop, The Museum of Sex.

I take pizza very seriously

The Museum of Sex was interesting. I really did not know what to expect but I was very open minded.(Okay, I was *half* expecting to see some people getting it on.) It is legit a museum and not at all like an episode of HBO Real Sex. The first exhibition was about animal sexuality, and how humans are not the only ones who have sex for pleasure. (Who woulda thunk?) The second exhibit was of erotica and pornagraphy throughout history. The third room was a display of different things. Overall, I definitely recommend it as a trip to make, as long as you are not with your parents.


After a much needed nap, Oscar and I decided to hit the town. The best thing about New York is that it is a place for people who are never on time. By the time we went out, it was already one in the morning. We went to “dinner” at La Casa Del Mofongo. If you’re Dominican, you know already know this was amazing. If you’re not Dominican, La Casa Del Mofongo is a Dominican restaurant in Washington Heights that serves mofongo, a fried plantain dish, with a bunch of other stuff. The DR-USA baseball game was on so aside from it being the best food I ever ate (in like a week,) it was also the most emotionally intense experience of my life, as Dominican Republic was losing. After we ate, we hit up South Beach, a Dominican restaurant/lounge bar type place. We danced away the sadness from the baseball loss and had a great time.

Sunday was another day of walking and exploring. We went to brunch at some diner we found on Google, The Manchester Diner, and although tiny, it was amazing. I just ordered eggs and toast, but I’ll be damned if that wasn’t the best eggs and toast I ever had! We then walked around 125th Street and did some more shopping.

IMG_4139We visited the MoMA PS1 in Queens, (fun fact: you can use your MoMA tickets to enter MoMA PS1,) and finished our trip at Blend On The Water. Another amazing Latin restaurant! Luckily, I made reservations two weeks prior, because the wait without one was 1:30-2 hours. It is absolutely worth the hype with the amazing view of the East River and Manhattan. The food is delicious and the service was great.

Overall, this was a very much needed and enjoyed trip! Although it was just Oscar and I the entire time, it was amazing! I love the opportunity to explore new places, learn, and get dressed up for a night out and a fancy dinner. The best part of being in love with your best friend is that you are never bored. You always have someone to laugh with and share the moments. I love traveling and experiencing new things and nothing is better than doing that with the love of your life! It was just a weekend, but it will stay with me forever. Stay tuned for our next adventure!





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