‘Tis The Season For Friends

Friendsgiving is something I have always seen my college friends do, but never believed I would be a part of. Not because I don’t have friends, but because sometimes it is hard to coordinate a group of people to all gather in one place. Now get those friends, and have them each make a dish. By some gracious miracle though, we managed to make that happen this past Saturday evening.

The idea started with my friend Jess in one of our group chats, where then we all agreed to make it happen. Rachel so lovingly decided to host it. Then we decided who would bring what. Rachel said she had the pernil, Jess would make lasagna, Juli had the potato salad, and I had nothing. Just kidding, I had to work all night Saturday so I really did not have the chance to make anything. However, Oscar took over and brought rice and beans. (Don’t worry, I brought wine.) We also added some drinks and hookah into the mix.

I’m not a big lover of Thanksgiving (I blame turkey) but seeing all my friends together in one place, being excited over food and company really had me emotional and thankful. We all ate, talked, and joked and it was a wonderful night. This year, like last year, I’ll be working on Thanksgiving. Now, I volunteered to work because I don’t have any kids, and a lot of people at my job though! And while I love spending time with my family, I’ve celebrated 20 years worth of Thanksgiving, I can afford to miss a few.

2016 has been a true rollercoaster of a year, but as it dwindles down, there are still a million reasons to be thankful for. Here are what my friends are thankful for this year:






Rachel: I’m thankful for every experience where I’m uncomfortable or in shock. Those are the moments when I grow or learn the most. I’m thankful for a wonderful support system. I never understood or knew what family was. I’m still trying to learn. I’m so used to being independent and doing things when I want to. But knowing that there are people who believe in me and are there is so new yet so beautiful. I’m also thankful for Darwin. 




Diana:  I am super thankful for my mother, sisters, and boyfriend for pushing me each and everyday to conquer my dreams, help me with my problems, and loving me unconditionally, and last but not least my amazing friends





Jess: My health- having experienced surgery and childbirth makes me thankful I’m still alive since so many people don’t make it through either

Luis- for being my partner, loving me unconditionally through tough and good times. Always being someone I can I turn to.

My mom- for bringing me into this world, giving me everything she could while I was growing up & taking her time to take care of my son so I wouldn’t have to bother anyone to take care or him or put him in day care.

unknownMelissa- for being the best possible Godmom for Orion. She treats and loves Orion as though he was her own son. Being by my side throughout my whole pregnancy even though she wasn’t near me physically. She was the reason I was able to experience such a beautiful labor.

My friends- all of my friends close or not are all amazing and loving and all have something to offer to my life that means so much to me.

My job, Penn state, having food on the table, clean water to drink and shower

Most importantly of all my son Orion- the love of my life, the purest love I have ever felt. Seeing his smile and his eyes looking at me still brings tears to my eyes. Remembering the moment Luis and I found out I was pregnant until the moment I got to hold him in my arms was a feeling I never felt. I am so proud and blessed to have him as my son. Being Mom has made me the happiest ever in life.

Luis: Orion babe my parents my bros my friends Pokemon my job I’m thankful for it all. I’m also thankful the Weeknd coming out with a new album on November 25th. I’m truly thankful Orion is the lil guy he is. He mad funny, really demanding and he way better than what I have imagined he would be.


juli-and-pnutJuliI’m thankful for having met every single one of you in this lobby. I’ve never before had such amazing people surrounding me that are intelligent,motivating,and so supportive. I usually have a hard time trusting and opening myself up which makes it very hard for me to make friends. You guys accept me as I am thru all my glories and mistakes. You are all my family and I honestly cannot wait to see what the future holds for us all. I only hope it’s with us together

PnutI am thankful for my friends who push me to become happier and motivated into become more financially responsible. Thank you guys.





Now what am I thankful for? The list can go on forever, but I’ll try and sum it up. I’m thankful for my family, my boyfriend, my wonderful best friends. I am thankful to have a job that has allowed me to grow. I am thankful I am completing my education. I am thankful for always having the chance to grow and to change the things I want. I am thankful that it is never too late to start over. I am also very thankful for those of you who read my blog and always join the discussion with me. So now it’s your turn.. What are you thankful for?


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