Poetry Tuesday: Oceans I

Written May 29th, 2014


I want to take off my shoes
And slip my feet in the sand
And let the salt water
Caress me
But before I get one shoe off
My fear kicks in
What if it’s too cold?
What if something bites me?
What if I’m not ready?”
What if
I’m not ready
To accept the coolness
Of this water
To let it wash away my broken
And with it’s powers
Restore what was once
I want to be ready
Not to just dip my feet in
But to jump in fully
To be engulfed by these
Waters unknown to me
But I want to explore
I want to reach territories
No one has reached before.
I want to feel the coolness
I’ve never felt before
And embrace it long enough
To call it home.
But what if
The water rejects me
And instead of being able to
Breathe it in and out
I choke on it
Suffocate on it.
What if instead of
I find myself unable to move
Unable to conquer
A sea too new.
But a tame sea
Never made a skilled sailor.
Something tells me This water is unlike any I’ve navigated Before
It’s salt water much sweeter
It’s beautiful hues much richer
All waiting to be mine
If I choose to make it so
But before I do that
I need to let go
Of this fear
That I’m not strong enough to brave this sea
Or worthy enough to be it’s queen.
Regardless of whatever happens
When my body hits the sea
I’ll never know it
If I don’t wet my feet.

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