Poetry Tuesday: Communication Kills Intimacy

Written August 16th, 2013


It’s supposed to bring you closer

Fill the gaps left by distances

Let’s you share all your instances

Can’t be there in person

so you make the most of the

160 character limit

The possibilities are infinite

Use it to your advantage

Having all the conversations you can manage

So when does communication kill intimacy? 

When does it invade a space so personal

that the feeling is gone?

Communication kills intimacy when

Constantly connected you stay

To everyone

And I mean everyone

Your mother your father

Your sisters your brothers

Best friend here, best friend there

Although you just saw them this morning

Or yesterday

and they’ll be home when you get there

Communication kills intimacy when

what they have to say is more important than the 

time we spend

Sure we don’t spend a lot of time together

Once a month is it?

Just a day?

Something like that

Communication kills intimacy when 

that conversation

Is more important than the one

We’re having now

Or this dinner we’re eating

Or this movie we’re watching

Communication kills intimacy when

you must seek out other connections

Because my presence isn’t enough

That the silences we share are tough

So you need to fill them with other stuff

What he said, what she said

Communication kills intimacy when

All that seems to matter more

Than what I’m saying now

Although countless times you vow

That it won’t happen again

 it happens again

Sometime passes

And the reflection of the screen

Is back on your glasses

You hear what I say

But you’re not listening

The message screen on your eyes glistening

Communication kills intimacy when

I’m here and you’re not

Too busy concerned with the words of 

someone else

that you can see whenever

you connect with them more often than me

they have that luxury

Of spending time with you on the regular

Where I do not

Communication kills intimacy when

 I feel like asking for too much

When I thought I was being jealous

that your attention wasn’t all on me

“I’m not being fair, I’m too needy” I thought

And for a while I agreed

But as our distances grew

The longing did too

And I longed for the days

we could be together

Because they were so few

So when we got together

All my attention was on you

Because this time to me 

was so precious

Whatever else could wait

Because soon you’d be gone

And I’d have to wait another month

To see you again

And what would my travels be

if I went to see you

or you came to see me

And all my time was spent

on everyone else 

Because what’s the point of having me


When I’m not there mentally

Why would I bother showing face

If constantly connected

I’m not even in the place

Communication kills intimacy so

I cut off my communication 

because it can wait

to dedicate my attention

to who’s in front of my face

But when you don’t do the same

I feel like my value is not the same

As others who’s words on a screen

Are more important than the ones I speak

At the scene

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