Happiness Is What You Make It

If you know me personally, you might be able to say you have not really seen me angry. I’ll be honest, I cannot stay mad. I’m that person. I’ll be mad, vent, and in 5 – 10 minutes, I’m over it. I think being able to feel angry is a great thing. Emotions are meant to be felt. (Refer to my previous post on feeling emotions.) But, I also think you do not have to live in negativity forever. Throughout my life, no matter if things are great or terrible, I try my best to remain happy.

Being at a beach right now would reallllly make me happy.

I think I live my life in a state of “happy.” Does it mean everything is perfect in my life? Absolutely not! But I am happy with the things in my life. I find happiness in the fact that I am alive, working, surrounded my loved ones, and I get to do the things I do. On a smaller scale the things that make me happy on a daily basis are:

  • cat videos
  • cat pictures
  • drinking a Coke while eating a Hershey bar with almonds
  • cuddling
  • taking pictures
  • sleeping
  • eating

    No but really, I’m dying inside 😀

I mean, I could go on forever. But I like finding joy in random things. We live in a world now where almost every news headline is something bad. Every day the letters we receive are bills. Every article or video on the internet is filled with negative commentary. There’s so much negative energy and vibes being put into the world, I firmly believe inner peace and happiness can help you combat it. I believe finding happiness in your day to day life can truly make a positive difference if you let it.

There are so many ways to be happy, or things that bring about happiness. Everyone’s happy is different. Not everyone will be happy everyday. That does not mean the are a miserable person. They might just be “okay.” They are not grinning ear to ear, but they are content with that. I asked my friends on social media and was pleasantly surprised that so many of them responded. Every one had different things ranging from family, to little things they do alone. Here are some of the responses I received:

  •  Inner Peace
  • Traveling
  • Saturday morning cartoons
  • Their children
  • Their pets
  • Wine
  • Food
  • Coffee
  • Doing what they love everyday
  • Sales
  • Knowing every moment is a chance to get it right and change things
  • Being able to pay your bills
  • Warm showers on cold days
  • Pizza
  • Good hair days
  • Being in love

Everyone had such different answers proving happiness is truly what YOU make it. Recently, I discovered this website, 100 Happy Days. It challenges you to post for 100 days straight, what makes you happy. As I mentioned earlier, I live in a state of happy, so I decided to take the challenge. Now, 100 days is a long time, but most of us post something on social media every day or so. So why not make it something that makes you happy? I’ve only done 4 days (today is day 5,) and I’m already noticing a different in my thinking. I pause at least one time a day and think, “What has me happy today?” I’m going to try and complete this challenge, and I encourage you to try it as well. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about yourself.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 12.24.02 PM


Not everything will be sunshine and butterflies. We are bound to have bad days.”We do not have to have a good day every day, but we should at least find the good in every day.”


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