New Year, New Me (But no, not really)

It is finally 2016! Happy New Year everyone! (Yes, I am a day late, but let that just be an indication that I had a pretty damn good NYE.) 2015 was a roller coaster of a year, but overall, it brought me some great new memories, friends, and adventures. Now that it is a new year, we all feel the need to start fresh again. A lot of people knock this mentality down, sometimes I do too. It is hard not to when your feed is filled with the typical status like, “New year, new me” or “I’m leaving behind all the BS in 20XX and that includes of some of you guys,” ect, ect. I’m going to be honest, that is annoying! Most likely due to the fact that it is always that person who always publicizes their drama. In my mind I go, “Ugh, sure you are! Then next week you’ll be posting about Sally playing you again!” And that makes me judgmental! (Don’t worry, you guys are too!) But we will revisit me being judgemental in a moment. My point is, we always knock that “New Year, New Me” mentality, but end up adopting it, just differently. And there is nothing wrong with that!

We know, we know!

For whatever reason, we take the coming of a new year as a chance to refresh. Look at our accomplished goals, reflect, and make new ones. Whether it is lose weight, own a home, graduate, or changing parts of your character, most of us want to improve on something. To me, that is great! What is life if you’re not using what you learn to grow and expand? Most people make fun of this because it is highly publicized that most people do not keep up with their New Years Resolution. According to some statistics, only 8% of people are successful in keeping their resolutions. But if we don’t call it a “New Year resolution,” is it one? Or is it just a goal on your list? I think most people make things such as cursing less, losing weight, or saving money as “New Years Resolutions,” and everything else is just filed under “Personal Goals.” Regardless of what you call it, it is great to make plans and goals for the future. What is even better is holding yourself accountable for them, and truly accomplishing them.

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 1.04.37 AM
Please oh please, let us end this “#GOALS” under every random relationship or picture of a house thing!

We always take the end of the year (Usually after Thanksgiving, or Christmas) to December 31st, to reflect on that happened through out the year. All the lessons we learned, the bridges we have crossed, the ones we’ve had to burn, and all the things we accomplished are reflected on. It’s okay to look back and realize, “Damn, I really let myself get taken advantage of! I don’t want that again.” Or to realize, “I really let myself explore me, I want more of that.” We (meaning me) tend to judge the “New Year, New Me” mentality, but really it is not a “new year, new me.” It is a “new year, a seasoned me who knows what I do not want anymore and what I do want.” It’s a “me” who takes everything they learned in the previous year, and uses that to grow and accomplish their goals in the next year. And I know some people probably think, “why wait until the new year? If you want to change something, you can start whenever.” And while that is true, most of us are caught up in the hustle and bustle of our lives, trying to live day to day, that we do not always take the necessary time to reflect on our experiences and our needs/wants. It is OKAY look back and reflect when everyone else does.

“I knew Jerry was right all along about this blue not being my color.”

With that being said, I will share with you guys five of my goals for 2016. I do not usually share things of this nature because sometimes I’m embarrassed by them. Sometimes sharing a goal is admitting something that you need to change. It’s not always easy, however, I find it can be helpful for some to see someone else’s goals. It might inspire them to think of that they want. I know someone on my timeline posted their goals and asked us to hold them accountable for them. This in turn, inspired me to think of what goals I would like to be held accountable for. Please feel free to share your goals with me if you’d like. And whether you plan to or not, allow yourself to grow this year and take it all in.


Lisa’s 2016 Resolutions:

  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle
    • I didn’t just put “lose weight” because I know losing weight does not fix a problem. In the past year I got caught up in my hectic schedule, and DID NOT treat my body right. From eating junk, to not working out, I was a bad body owner and it is reflected not only in my weight gain, (yes, I do have a double chin and a belly now, I know my slick camera angles are not hiding everything,) but in how I’ve been feeling. Over tired and over worked, sleeping but not feeling refreshed, and never having energy. I not only want to lose the weight I’ve gained, but learn how to feed and fuel my body, to make sure I’m living a healthier life overall, and can keep the weight off.This also includes thinking more positively. Sometimes I let my mind get so caught up in gossip, drama, being judgemental, ect. Even if I don’t actively participate in things like these, thinking of them just creates more negative thoughts and “junk” in my mind. I really want to work on not getting caught up with BS like this. “Live and let live.”
  2. Travel to two or more states
    • I love traveling, but it isn’t something I always make the time to do. I really want to make the time and effort this year to go new places and explore new things. Sometimes I look at my spending (another goal on my list) and see how much money I spend on pure junk! I look back and think, “Damn, that could have been gas money to visit someplace” or “That would have been the entrance fee to a museum.” I really want to work on planning for fun day trips or weekend adventures.
  3. Write 20 or more blog post
    • Although I only have 4 previous post, this blog has really changed my life. Because of it, I have become a more open and reflective person. I have created conversations with people who I never talk to. I’ve created conversations with people I do know, that we would not have touched upon prior. People will read my post and message me saying, “Don’t worry, I’ve felt like that too. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one.” That does not seem like much, but it truly has made me want to be more open and share more things. With each post, I learn not only more about myself, but about my friends and peers.
  4. Become a neater person
    • I’ll admit it: I’m messy. I usually hate cleaning. I know people tell you you’re not “supposed” to share things like that, but I have no shame. I will ignore a mess, until it is too big to ignore. I want to work on being neater this year. I read somewhere that the cleaner your environment is, the less stress you feel. I will definitely test that out this year.
  5. Figure out that the @#$% I want to do
    • There is not much explaining for this one. I just want to figure out what I want to do, and make sure it is what I want to do. I get so caught up in chasing things in order to make other people happy or proud of me, it is time I chase things to make me proud, to make me happy.



  1. First comment of the new year! Writing blog posts is the only goal that we don’t share in common. I wonder if some of the negative feels towards the n.y.n.m crowd may stem from having dissapointented ourselves by not reaching goals we’ve set forth for us. So instead of ,”go you!” It’s, “yeah right.”


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